Spill Containment
Selection Chart
Selection Chart
Selection Chart
Spill Containment
Florida DEP ULC   CARB
A1004 Single Wall Poly        
A1004EVR-316A 5 gal 569833 EQ-524 ULC  
A1004EVR-317A 5 gal 569930 EQ-524 ULC  
A1004EVR-215A 15 gal 569900 EQ-695 ULC  
A1004EVR-216A 15 gal 571239 EQ-695 ULC  
A1005 Single Wall Stainless Steel        
A1005-517A 5 gal Slip-on 570501 EQ-753 ULC  
A1005-517AF 5 gal Glass-on 570588 EQ-753 ULC  
A1005-518A 5 gal Thread-on 570466 EQ-753 ULC  
A1005-905 5 gal Below Grade 571714 ULC  
A1005-915 15 gal Below Grade 571714       ULC  
A1004 Double Wall Poly        
A1004EVR-316S 5 gal 569833 EQ-741 ULC  
A1004EVR-317S 5 gal 569930 EQ-741 ULC  
A1004EVR-215S  15 gal 569900 EQ-695 ULC  
A1004EVR-216S 15 gal 571239 EQ-695 ULC  
A1005 Double Wall Stainless Steel         
A1005-518GP Assembly & Testing Video            
A1005-517G Series 5 gal Slip-on 570596 EQ-764R ULC  
A1005-517GS 5 gal Slip-on 570633 EQ-764R ULC  
A1005-517SF 5 gal Glass-on 570585 EQ-764R ULC  
A1005-517S-CM 5 gal Sensor 570617   ULC  
A1005-518G Series 5 gal Thread-on 570625 EQ-764R ULC  
A1005-518GP SS Primary Poly Sec 5 gl Thread-on 570754   ULC  
Replacement Kits and Parts A1004/A1005            
A1004 Single Wall Poly        
A1004-010 Slimline Series 5 gal  566579 EQ-524 ULC C
A1004-003 Fatboy Series 5 gal  566579 EQ-524 ULC C
A1004-014 Multi-Purpose            
A1005 Single Wall Stainless Steel        
A1005-501 Series 5 gal Slip-on  570967 EQ-524 ULC  
A1005-010TM Series 15 gal Slip-on    EQ-524 ULC  
Repair Parts A1004/A1005            
Florida DEP ULC NC
A1005-505 Data Sheet            
A1005-505 Identification Sheet            
A1005-505 Cut Sheet            
A1005-505CEW1  Emco A1004-210A 570623 EQ-753 ULC DENR
A1005-505CEW1DR  Emco A1004-210A, Drain 570623 EQ-753 ULC DENR
A1005-505CEW1G  Emco A1004-210S 570917 EQ-753 ULC DENR
A1005-505CEW1GDR  Emco A1004-210S, Drain 570917 EQ-753 ULC DENR
A1005-505CEW2  Emco A1004-316A 570619 EQ-753 ULC DENR
A1005-505CEW2DR  Emco A1004-316A, Drain 570619 EQ-753 ULC DENR
A1005-505CEW2GDR  Emco A1004-316S, Drain 570918 EQ-753 ULC DENR
A1005-505CEW2GDW  Emco A1004-316S 571299 EQ-753 ULC DENR
A1005-505CEW3  Emco A1004-010 Series 570820 EQ-753 ULC DENR
A1005-505CEW3DR Emco A1004-010 Series, Drain 570820 EQ-753 ULC DENR
A1005-505CEW4  Emco A1003 Series 570650 EQ-753 ULC DENR
A1005-505CEW4DR  Emco A1003 Series, Drain   EQ-753 ULC DENR
A1005-505CF5 570700 EQ-753 ULC DENR
Franklin Fueling         
A1005-505CE  EBW 702,703,705 570450 EQ-753 ULC DENR
A1005-505CES  EBW 702,703,705 Short 571068 EQ-753 ULC DENR
A1005-505CE15  EBW 715,725 15 Gal 571127 EQ-753 ULC DENR
A1005-505CF1  Phil-Tite 400 570710 EQ-753 ULC DENR
A1005-505CFD  Franklin  572176 EQ-764R ULC DENR
A1005-505C Installation Video            
A1005-505C  OPW 1-2100 570294 EQ-753 ULC DENR
A1005-505C4  OPW 4000 570457 EQ-753 ULC DENR
A1005-505C5  OPW 1-2105 Offset 570458 EQ-753 ULC DENR
A1005-505CA  OPW 84D 570510 EQ-753 ULC DENR
A1005-505CBG  OPW 101BG 570484 EQ-753 ULC DENR
A1005-505CC  OPW 1SC-2100 570532 EQ-753 ULC DENR
A1005-505CC5  OPW 1SC-2105 570580 EQ-753 ULC DENR
A1005-505CD  OPW 2100 Double Wall 571136 EQ-764R ULC DENR
A1005-505CDR  OPW 1-2100 Drain 570581 EQ-753 ULC DENR
A1005-505CPWE  OPW 3100 Double Wall 572095 EQ-764R ULC DENR
A1005-505CS  OPW1-2100 Short 570907 EQ-753 ULC DENR
A1005-505CZ  OPW 1-2100 Crooked Riser 570640 EQ-753 ULC DENR
A1005-505DP Drain Plug Kit, OPW 1-2100 570318      
OPW 500/700 Series        
OPW Retrofit Cut Sheet            
A1004-316R Series Poly Thread-on 570166 EQ-741 ULC  
A1005-518R Stainless Steel Thread-on 570906 EQ-764R ULC  
A1005-518R-CM SS Thread-on w/Sensor 570890 EQ-764R ULC  
A1005-518R-CM Installation Video            
A1005-518RD SS Thread-on w/Drain 570773 EQ-764R ULC  
A1005-505CPEM  Pemco 112 570604 EQ-753 ULC DENR
A1005-505CPED  Pemco 112 Double Wall 570730 EQ-764R ULC DENR
A1005-505CP1 570533 EQ-753 ULC DENR
A1005-505CP 570475 EQ-753 ULC DENR
A1005-505CU  Universal 69RT, 71CD 570396 EQ-753 ULC DENR
A1005-505CU70  Universal 70C 570504 EQ-753 ULC DENR
A1005-505DPU Drain Plug Kit, Univ. 69RT, 71CD 570380      
A7901 Pipe Nipples        
A7901 Adapter Kits        
A1008 Data Sheet  
New Install  
A1008-042A 571581
A1008-036C 571518
Spill Containment Accessories
A0028 Riser Lock 564183
A0333 Hand Pump 567573
A0031 Riser Extension  
A7901 Pipe Nipples  
A7901Adaper Kits  
A0998 In-ground ID Markers 569067
A0997 ID Tags  
Tools and Test Equipment  
A0081 Wrench 571810
A0099-001TEST Vapor Test Cap  
A1004-210TEST Vacuum Apparatus  
Spill Containment Replacement Parts
Dip Sticks/EZ-Gage  
A1004-001SEN Sensor Kit 570853