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The Emco Wheaton A0716 Composite Manhole is designed with lightweight,
slip-resistant composite manhole covers, using the latest manufacturing
technology to ensure porosity-free molding, and compact, homogeneous
distribution of reinforcing fiber. The covers also utilize a UV resistant
treatment to protect against sun and weather damage.

• Meets AASHTO H20 Wheel Loading
• Slip resistant tread pattern
• Powder coated cast steel cam with o-ring
• Stainless steel fittings cam-lock fittings
etched to show open and close directional
arrows; field replaceable
• Stainless steel pry bar cleat
• Galvanized steel skirt (18”)

39”, 42” & 44” Models

• Domed top construction to shed water
• Stainless steel dual handle - spring-loaded
and key-lift
• Hot rolled steel skirt
• Concrete anchors