Overfill Prevention Valves

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Upper drop tube to valve body factory welded

2 Bleed valve drains fuel delivery hose after 95% shut-off

3 Diverter fins protect flapper valve during routine “tank stick” gauging

4 Top and bottom floats contained in protective sleeve to insure damage-free installation and removal from tank fill riser

5 Die cast aluminum valve body design provides the highest delivery flow rate

6 Spring loaded reset function opens flapper valve and allows for immediate “tank stick” gauging

7 Flapper valve provides positive fuel shut-off at 95% total storage tank capacity

8 External field test port allows for manual routine testing of flapper valve

9 Valve body to male coupling factory welded

10 Female coupling to lower drop tube factory welded

• Materials and seals are compatible with up to E25 ethanol blend gasoline and B20 biodiesel blends
• Factory tested for operability and vapor tightness integrity
• The A1100EVR OPV is not recommended for underground storage tanks under 6.5 ft in diameter

Body: Aluminum
Floats: HDPE
Seals: Viton®
Viton® is a registered trademark
of Dupont Dow Elastomers.